Sunday, 29 November 2015

Gmento – The Right Mobile App

Business Listings :
Good news for professionals and service providers !!  Anyone who is an Architect , Doctor , Chartered Accountant , Real Estate Expert , Fitness Expert , Tutor , Counsellor , Lawyer , Financial Expert and many more categories like that , Gmento is the tech. platform to find new customers and promote your business. There is an opportunity for service providers too like Plumbers , Electricians , Cooks , Carpenters , Drivers , Maids , Photographers , Digital Marketing Experts , Professionals Classes Experts , Interior Designers , Event Speakers , Numerologists , Tailors and many more such categories running a home-service / professional service business. Gmento is the platform to get your business listed on where we connect new customers to qualified professionals and service providers through technology .
User Specific Approach :
The users are searching for relevant profiles to hire but there is huge gap in finding services of trusted and experienced professionals in the targeted area and we have positioned ourselves to fill in that gap. Here comes the big question – How is Gmento different from others ? Well , have a look at the following facts :
ü Visual and rich content based listings
ü Relevant , specific and verified profiles
ü Instant mobile search , no phone calls to call center
ü Direct contact through call and message facility
ü Stringent on boarding process for better profile listings
ü No irrelevant categories and therefore focused search
ü Transparent access to listed data without any cloud
Quickly browse through listed profiles and services offered, contact information, areas served, hours of operation, and customer reviews — all in one place and at the tap of your fingers. Gmento app has latest user interface which is very simple to navigate and search for the right professional is quick , relevant and trustworthy.
Coming very soon on your mobiles through Google Play .

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Gmento - A Revolution in Business Listing & Services Search

How great it would be if you could do the following with few taps on your mobile screens :
     ·         On line search of professionals / service providers .
·         Access to relevant , area specific and verified listings .
·         Option to contact or message the selected professional / service provider .
·         Hiring people based on detailed information in their profiles .
·         Never getting stuck while taking important decisions .
The platform to facilitate all this is fast getting ready and life , for sure , will never be so easy and devoid of any doubts while deciding on the selection of right professional / service provider. Gmento is the answer and it will challenge some of the established names in the services listing and search industry. Our mobile app is built for such consistent and seamless experience that you will feel as if somebody is always around to help you out.
 Gmento caters to the fields as diverse as Business , Health & Fitness , Education , Legal , Professional Services and Home Services . The option to choose from 70 plus categories does make us stand out from others and maintains focus on right & genuine results for your search. The advantages of comparison based hiring , information based selection and one click decision are amply taken care of and on top of that you can post your query on live platform for fellow users advice .  Frientor Forum will change the way we get advised and break the boundaries of categories and fields. 
Gmento ensures that customer’s experience is managed at each step and ensuring that professionals and service providers maintain quality of services and allows users to rate them for future hiring. So , say goodbye to all your dilemmas and hiring problems and be ready , as Gmento Android App is coming up very soon  and will be available on your mobile screens  .

Friday, 20 November 2015

Big projects or small tasks ,Gmento will help you find the right professional.

You download the Gmento app and select field / category of professional / service provider.

It’s user friendly and just few taps are required. There are relevant fields and categories to choose from.
  • Gmento matches your requirement with the right pros for the job.
We match you with background-checked and verified pros and you have options to choose based on your GPS location.
  • Call the professional through app or let us post your query to them.
Based on detailed smart profiles , choose the right professional / service provider for your task. Or post a query and their responses go directly to your mail inbox.
  • Select the professional that works best for you.
Go through their reviews. Ask them questions and decide if the price is within your budget. You own the selection of the right pro for your needs.
  • Your job is done.
Sit back and relax, because professionals / service providers will call you to talk about the cost and the timing of the project.
You're free to work out a schedule, pay, and review their work .
 With Gmento, you always have the final say on the quality of your pro's work.
 Download the Gmento App from Google Play very soon .
Everything can be handled from your smartphone with the Gmento app.