Monday, 28 December 2015

One famous quote says : “The noblest search is the search for excellence .”

Let’s try and apply this on your search for professionals and service providers that are truly dependable and could be trusted to carry out important tasks at your home or might be worthy of consultation for bigger projects. Either google search or visit mobile apps of certain so called established players and you can easily draw conclusion that this seemingly easy exercise is , in itself , a project . All these searches will throw up results that are hardly verified , curated and trustworthy . These days jobs of professionals like architects , financial planners , tutors , web designers , plumbers , electricians , doctors , event organisers , speakers for events , lawyers etc . are highly specialized ones requiring skill , qualification , experience and reliability . The financial implications are high and all of us are short on time , therefore , where is the scope for experimentation or getting redone these day to day tasks or the bigger projects.

Customers , these days , are smarter than ever and looking for more value and more than just customer service , they want customer experience . Gmento , an android app , is modelled on basic principles of accuracy of data , dependability of data and availability of data whenever user wants it and the way he / she wants it. We have ensured that those only are onboarded on our platform who believe in excellence and qualified to render services in their field. When we set out to enroll such professionals and service providers , we found there are so many of them but they did not have the right platform to launch and promote themselves. And that explains the huge response Gmento received in it’s enrolment drive which is still going on.

Ø Contacts that are verified , trustworthy and reliable
Ø Location based search results
Ø Wide range of fields and categories
Ø Data at your fingertips , it’s your choice
Ø One App , Many Solutions

Gmento mobile app is in finishing stages and will be launched very shortly. Meanwhile please visit our website ( for more info.

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