Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hiring Professionals : Gmento Is The Way

Experienced, knowledgeable and dependable professional service providers are a huge help to any project while finding and hiring one isn’t always as easy as it may seem. Gmento mobile app is creating waves in Noida and surrounding Delhi areas helping customers connect with professionals and service providers. What used to be a big difficult proposition has turned into easy to find exercise with just few taps on mobile screen. Based on our experience while dealing and guiding scores of customers to connect with right service providers, we, at Gmento , suggest these tips to find dependable professional service providers for your jobs.

1. Outline the job details. Under or over hiring for a job can result in delays, bloated prices and unhappy customers. Determine your job’s size and difficulty before you hire professionals. Make note of specialized tasks as you analyze your project. Highlighting specialty jobs will save time and eliminate any surprises untowards.

2. Zero In on a professional. Gone are the days of asking around. Friends, family and other known sources are all busy and word of mouth doesn’t carry that much weight as every need is different in terms of work details, cost and timing etc. Gmento mobile app for dependable professional service providers can certainly help you find dependable sources.

3. Talk to the professional. Once you’ve found suitable professional service provider, talk to him / her with details of work to be done and cost structure. Discuss time lines and have references on similar work done by the professional to ensure you hire the best candidate. Hiring an inexperienced professional can lead to mistakes and work delays. Make sure your pros are familiar with the size
and scope of your project.  Gmento guides you in these aspects by sharing lots of information about professionals.

These steps will ensure that work done is as per your satisfaction and within budget and time limits. It’s all about right connections and Gmento mobile app lets you get connected with dependable professional service providers. Lots of people are experiencing this change and raving with positive reviews. Download Gmento mobile app from Google Play or visit website for link to download the app and other details.  

Downlaod App : Gmento App

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The Best Professional Experts Near You : Gmento Mobile App

The best mobile app based searches need not be revolutionary in practice rather these should be transformational by utility and fetching desired results criteria. All of us might have good numbers of gadgets, nice homes, loving relations but genuinely fall short on reliable experts and professionals whom can be contacted for range of services in times of need. Now all that was till few days ago when Gmento mobile app was launched listing experts and professional service providers in your neighbourhood covering seven relevant fields and 72 + categories. Gmento is a milestone for users looking for background checked, trustworthy contacts for various services and indeed a triumph for professionals wanting to showcase their talent and enhance business prospects.

Imagine this: Scroll for yourself through the names and businesses of so many experts & specialists; talk to them directly through inapp feature, message them and hire for your needs. All sort of relevant information on your mobile screen to facilitate hiring of right, credentials verified professionals and service providers. Gmento  is the “tap and talk” app for experts and service providers , meant for users who need an expert’s assistance for business , home , health , education or many more such services.

While other apps note down your needs and depute somebody from their pool of specialists , Gmento lets you choose based upon past work history of listed service providers , their qualification & experience and trustworthiness through stringent norms before being allowed to list on platform. One mobile app and many solutions.

Welcome to Gmento !! Just few taps and find reliable service provider in your vicinity. Please visit our website for more details and download Gmento mobile app from Google Play store.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Experts Lawyers in Your Neighbourhood – Gmento Mobile App

Looking for an online mobile app based platform that makes it faster and easier to find , hire and connect with the best Lawyers in your city , then Gmento will be a perfect app to download on your mobile. While you deserve access to well qualified , trustworthy and background checked legal  professionals , practitioners and lawyers , we at Gmento , took it upon as a challenge to bridge the gap and come out with viable solution by making legal professional’s profiles , their past record and other details visible to you to arrive at a decision. Of course , Gmento mobile app doesn’t provide any legal advice or allied services but it connects you to the right person in the field as per your geographical vicinity and you are right up there to redress your legal problem.

Expert Lawyers - When you need them.
Gmento has listed and handpicked some of the best Legal Experts in your area  to help you get practical legal Advice & help. These lawyers are experts in their fields – criminal , civil or corporate - to help provide you the required advice & representation for your legal issues. Just connect with them and discuss modalities and your problem is solved.

Detailes of listed Profiles & Veracity.

Gmento shares only that information which is verified and cross checked as we believe that the right information helps you make better decisions. You have direct access to listed profiles of leading lawyers and legal professionals with key information like their areas of expertise, their past experience , reviews and ratings , brief on services offered and contact details etc. and you can make the choices that are right for you.
Get connected and be advised by trustworthy professionals.
Gmento makes the entire decision making process simple and straight. We don’t hide contact details or charge anything for referring you to verified legal professionals. We are there to help you and , that too , as per your convenience. Talk to the legal experts , book an appointment and get advised on any legal matter . You don’t have to talk to your friends to find and search trustworthy experienced legal practitioners. 

Gmento mobile app offers connections to professionals and service providers in 72 + categories spread over five fields and thousands of users are benefiting with direct connection approach through in app calling and messaging. Please visit Google Play Store and download Gmento mobile app or visit our website for detailed information. 

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Pro Search and Connect -Hassle Free with Gmento App

Any family man will tell you that  it can, at times, be immensely challenging to find professional services providers and experts for range of services like translators , aerobic experts , stand up comedians for parties , speakers for events , magicians , wedding planners , astrologers etc. etc. and it  happens to be very critical because of sudden requirement of day-to-day life. Things are changing for sure and on-demand phenomenon is catching on in India with various startups evangelizing different niche services in the hyper-local space. Some of these like Gmento mobile app covers diverse categories and fields with lots of information right in the hands of customers and it seems everything in metros is now accessible on-the-go.

 Need a professionals expert on varied range of services , helping hand is round the corner on your mobile screen .Easily submit a service request or connect directly with professionals and service providers in minutes , Gmento connects you with  qualified, background-checked pros to get the objective achieved. Your events , parties , child’s education , health , special occasions – all are covered with matching service providers whom you can depend upon. So you think you want a bridal makeup professional or mehndi experts , but you’re not sure whom to contact or what to talk ? It’s true: not all professionals and service providers are dependable. But don’t get overwhelmed!! Just few taps on your mobile screen and Gmento mobile app will be ready with a solution. Booking appointments doesn't need to be a hassle. Let Gmento be your one-stop destination to easily book the things you need done.

Developed to create a seamless experience between professional service providers and customers, the mobile app also integrates with other important features like real time information updation , continuous scrutiny while listing professionals and latest technology , where consumers can contact and book appointments and leave ratings and reviews through the web or mobile app. It’s a modern marketplace with tools and products for business and consumers to access.
It’s awesome to be able to connect directly and get the connections the way we want. Just visit Google Play Store and download Gmento mobile app or visit and leave your mobile number to receive Gmento app link .

Monday, 16 May 2016

Professionals and Customers – Win Win Situation for both

These days , you hear the term “disruptive” quite often in business chat shows or newspapers and generally tagged with innovative ideas. Besides being woefully overused, it misses the key point as “Disruptive” lays too much focus on idea compatibility vis – a - vis competitors and ,in the process, loses touch with those who stand to benefit most from technological innovation—customers or users , the people using the technology. This scenario has never been more apparent than in the on-demand services sector or “connect me to right professional ” on line services space. The innovative ideas in terms of mobile apps that have emerged in this sector have created new ways for consumers to obtain the services they need while simultaneously creating great new opportunities for the people who are ready to supply those services. In the case of our platform, Gmento, we've made it simpler for people who need services like chartered accountant , architects , tutors , doctors , lawyers , electricians , plumbers , dance teachers , music professionals etc. etc. to connect with qualified professionals who provide those services. At the same time , Gmento is connecting professionals to new opportunities to make money. From the perspective of users, isn't Gmento  a great “disruptor” as it creates seamless and unhindered ways of connecting customers with professionals and service providers and at a more fundamental level, it creates opportunity.

We , at Gmento , are too focused to make it happen both for customers and professionals that competition has not even figured in our scheme . The response to our category search options from users speaks for itself. Just last month , we have received 5000 plus calls to help find professionals / experts in fields like business , education and home services and expect these numbers to grow. The public has exhibited their support by visiting our app and web platforms because they provide easier, more natural ways of connecting with service providers as compared to other options. Service providers have in turn signed up in droves because it provides income opportunities and flexible arrangements that may not have been available otherwise. In fact , we have slowed our process to onboard professionals in order to maintain sanctity  of stringent norms to create a pool of only verified , trustworthy and reliable experts. We have talked to many service providers who are part of our platform and asked them why they did they sign up ?? Overwhelmingly, the answer is that they liked the unhindered approach to connect with customers and flexibility to enhance their business prospects.
Whatever the underlying reason, a growing number of professionals are flocking to platforms like Gmento  as a source of better business outreach and customers are happy to choose the best solution for themselves and their families. Please visit our website and download android mobile app for detailed information.

Monday, 18 April 2016

How to Avoid Summer Heat and Enjoy the Season

Delhites and NCR citizens are blessed with all four major seasons and they get to enjoy each one of these  but every summer, thousands fall ill also due to summer related illnesses and then flock to health professionals , doctors and fitness experts. While that is , no doubt , recommended but bringing a little safety know how and preventive techniques may be even more valuable. To help people stay healthy, safe and hydrated this summer , Gmento mobile app listed professionals experts for health offer their top tips for summer safety. Their opinion is that while summer temperatures soar and people don’t take the proper precautions, they are bound to end up in hospitals with heat-related illnesses and most of the time those trips to the hospital could have been completed avoided.

Before you head out of your office or home in open Sun , check out our  top five summer safety tips:

1. Plan to stay indoor , whenever possible : Don’t stay outside all day. Remember to check the clock and limit the time spent outdoors if you aren’t accustomed to the heat. Avoid outdoor activities during the sun’s strongest hours, typically between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Plan your day in a way that outdoor time is limited and that too while the Sun is not in it’s full fury.

2. Stay away from colas or energy drinks : Pick up the glass of water, when it’s hot outside, the most important thing to remember is to hydrate. Drink plenty of water or sports drinks to restore body fluids. Remember caffeine found in many coffee and energy drinks can actually cause dehydration. So stick with water. It’s one of the simplest and cheapest things you can for your health in this summer.

3. Minimise direct exposure to Sun :  Apply Sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or more and reapply every four hours, especially if you’ve been in the water or if you’ve been perspiring. When it comes to summer fashion, think comfort first and then fashion. Dark colors absorb the heat so light-colored clothing is best. Be sure to cover your face and wear a hat, such as a cap or visor to provide additional protection.

4. Your new enemy? High humidity: Check the morning forecast because a summer day with high humidity can drastically affect that day’s temperature. Humidity can hinder sweat from evaporating quickly and prevent the body from releasing heat effectively, so refrain from intensive outdoor activity when the humidity     climbs.

5. Take time to rest in shade : Replenishing your body with proper intake of necessary ingredients and allowing it to rest is a sure shot remedy to avoid heat related problems. If you are outside during the sun’s strongest hours, find a shaded spot to rest, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Help yourself to stay cool.

We , at Gmento , expect these tips will be handy in warding off summer heat and stay cool this summer. Of course, you'll need some external help too in the form of an air conditioner and a running refrigerator. What Gmento does for you is to help you connect with online professional experts for health and home service experts for your air conditioner and fridge. Any kind of problem you might be having with household appliances such as AC, fridge, RO water purifier, just connect with Gmento listed local technicians and service experts and get rid of the problem. Gmento provides only the best, verified Pros to help you handle the problem without much fuss and at the convenience of your home.

Explore hundreds of service professionals and expert options on Gmento mobile app and book local pros for all kind of help you need at home or office. 

Download Free Gmento App Now : 

Monday, 28 March 2016

Gmento App Launch – We Are Almost There !!

While discovery of service providers and professionals is not the real problem in India’s local services space but search of reliable and background checked service providers is definitely a huge task. With this in mind, we , at Gmento , have been more focused on verification process and on boarding protocol while enlisting professionals on our platform so that search and fulfilment issues are taken care of rather than plain provider’s aggregation. Our only objective has been to build a service platform that provides quality is trustworthy and dependable.

Like every new company overjoyed to launch its product , we , at Gmento , faced our own share of last mile issues but we never let those defocus our resolve to maintain quality in terms of data collection , analytic and relevance of listed profiles. Of course , we were helped by great response to some of the key categories like online professional experts for health , best educational professional experts , best household service experts , law professional experts etc. Service providers all across six fields and 70 plus categories were forthcoming to share information and provide documents as per stringent listing process. But then time delay has it’s own role while we were sure to develop an app innovative and unique enough to generate broad appeal , to achieve user relevance and be above all other apps in its class. Various macro factors for need of best services marketplace app or top online marketplace app catering to genuine requirements of users have converged today resulting in demand of increased comfort level with mobile based services professional search .

Gmento mobile app team’s strengths and capabilities will surely be reflected in our final product while we are almost there at the fag end to launch our app and are excited to partner with daily increasing professionals and service providers willing to be part of this journey . We thank all those 800 + professionals who have trusted our platform and believed in our user acquisition tech. model.  

Meanwhile , please visit our web  for more info.