Monday, 16 May 2016

Professionals and Customers – Win Win Situation for both

These days , you hear the term “disruptive” quite often in business chat shows or newspapers and generally tagged with innovative ideas. Besides being woefully overused, it misses the key point as “Disruptive” lays too much focus on idea compatibility vis – a - vis competitors and ,in the process, loses touch with those who stand to benefit most from technological innovation—customers or users , the people using the technology. This scenario has never been more apparent than in the on-demand services sector or “connect me to right professional ” on line services space. The innovative ideas in terms of mobile apps that have emerged in this sector have created new ways for consumers to obtain the services they need while simultaneously creating great new opportunities for the people who are ready to supply those services. In the case of our platform, Gmento, we've made it simpler for people who need services like chartered accountant , architects , tutors , doctors , lawyers , electricians , plumbers , dance teachers , music professionals etc. etc. to connect with qualified professionals who provide those services. At the same time , Gmento is connecting professionals to new opportunities to make money. From the perspective of users, isn't Gmento  a great “disruptor” as it creates seamless and unhindered ways of connecting customers with professionals and service providers and at a more fundamental level, it creates opportunity.

We , at Gmento , are too focused to make it happen both for customers and professionals that competition has not even figured in our scheme . The response to our category search options from users speaks for itself. Just last month , we have received 5000 plus calls to help find professionals / experts in fields like business , education and home services and expect these numbers to grow. The public has exhibited their support by visiting our app and web platforms because they provide easier, more natural ways of connecting with service providers as compared to other options. Service providers have in turn signed up in droves because it provides income opportunities and flexible arrangements that may not have been available otherwise. In fact , we have slowed our process to onboard professionals in order to maintain sanctity  of stringent norms to create a pool of only verified , trustworthy and reliable experts. We have talked to many service providers who are part of our platform and asked them why they did they sign up ?? Overwhelmingly, the answer is that they liked the unhindered approach to connect with customers and flexibility to enhance their business prospects.
Whatever the underlying reason, a growing number of professionals are flocking to platforms like Gmento  as a source of better business outreach and customers are happy to choose the best solution for themselves and their families. Please visit our website and download android mobile app for detailed information.

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