Monday, 18 April 2016

How to Avoid Summer Heat and Enjoy the Season

Delhites and NCR citizens are blessed with all four major seasons and they get to enjoy each one of these  but every summer, thousands fall ill also due to summer related illnesses and then flock to health professionals , doctors and fitness experts. While that is , no doubt , recommended but bringing a little safety know how and preventive techniques may be even more valuable. To help people stay healthy, safe and hydrated this summer , Gmento mobile app listed professionals experts for health offer their top tips for summer safety. Their opinion is that while summer temperatures soar and people don’t take the proper precautions, they are bound to end up in hospitals with heat-related illnesses and most of the time those trips to the hospital could have been completed avoided.

Before you head out of your office or home in open Sun , check out our  top five summer safety tips:

1. Plan to stay indoor , whenever possible : Don’t stay outside all day. Remember to check the clock and limit the time spent outdoors if you aren’t accustomed to the heat. Avoid outdoor activities during the sun’s strongest hours, typically between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Plan your day in a way that outdoor time is limited and that too while the Sun is not in it’s full fury.

2. Stay away from colas or energy drinks : Pick up the glass of water, when it’s hot outside, the most important thing to remember is to hydrate. Drink plenty of water or sports drinks to restore body fluids. Remember caffeine found in many coffee and energy drinks can actually cause dehydration. So stick with water. It’s one of the simplest and cheapest things you can for your health in this summer.

3. Minimise direct exposure to Sun :  Apply Sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or more and reapply every four hours, especially if you’ve been in the water or if you’ve been perspiring. When it comes to summer fashion, think comfort first and then fashion. Dark colors absorb the heat so light-colored clothing is best. Be sure to cover your face and wear a hat, such as a cap or visor to provide additional protection.

4. Your new enemy? High humidity: Check the morning forecast because a summer day with high humidity can drastically affect that day’s temperature. Humidity can hinder sweat from evaporating quickly and prevent the body from releasing heat effectively, so refrain from intensive outdoor activity when the humidity     climbs.

5. Take time to rest in shade : Replenishing your body with proper intake of necessary ingredients and allowing it to rest is a sure shot remedy to avoid heat related problems. If you are outside during the sun’s strongest hours, find a shaded spot to rest, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Help yourself to stay cool.

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