Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The Best Professional Experts Near You : Gmento Mobile App

The best mobile app based searches need not be revolutionary in practice rather these should be transformational by utility and fetching desired results criteria. All of us might have good numbers of gadgets, nice homes, loving relations but genuinely fall short on reliable experts and professionals whom can be contacted for range of services in times of need. Now all that was till few days ago when Gmento mobile app was launched listing experts and professional service providers in your neighbourhood covering seven relevant fields and 72 + categories. Gmento is a milestone for users looking for background checked, trustworthy contacts for various services and indeed a triumph for professionals wanting to showcase their talent and enhance business prospects.

Imagine this: Scroll for yourself through the names and businesses of so many experts & specialists; talk to them directly through inapp feature, message them and hire for your needs. All sort of relevant information on your mobile screen to facilitate hiring of right, credentials verified professionals and service providers. Gmento  is the “tap and talk” app for experts and service providers , meant for users who need an expert’s assistance for business , home , health , education or many more such services.

While other apps note down your needs and depute somebody from their pool of specialists , Gmento lets you choose based upon past work history of listed service providers , their qualification & experience and trustworthiness through stringent norms before being allowed to list on platform. One mobile app and many solutions.

Welcome to Gmento !! Just few taps and find reliable service provider in your vicinity. Please visit our website for more details and download Gmento mobile app from Google Play store.

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